Industry Specialization


At Trideq, we recognize that successful product development process requires to have expert knowledge base in the concerned areas of technology. Trideq's staff and its proximity to reputed educational and research institutes makes it possible for us to fill this important gap.

While we handle all types of challenges from all disciplines, we are particularly strong in the following areas:-

  • Airlines

  • Banking and Financial sector

  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

  • Energy and Utility

  • Freight & Logistics

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Petroleum industry (upstream & downstream)

Trideq also offers Consulting & Training in Project Management, Product Development Process and Marketing Strategies. Our project Management group is highly qualified with successful industry experience in corporate world of USA. They have successfully implemented the Quality Assurance programs based on Six Sigma, CMMI and ISO Standards.

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